Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey everyone. This post is to set the record straight. I DID NOT! DID NOT!! Leak that session. That 2 year old post was set to private and was only for the eyes of my family to keep them in the loop of my career. I have had some problems with my email account being hacked and believe that someone has been able to publish that material. Once again I IN NO WAY LEAKED THAT VIDEO TO ANY BLOG SITE OF ANY KIND.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sewing Room Studio

Hello, and welcome to the Sewing Room Studio blog site. Here you will be updated regularly as to who is in the studio as well as updates in equipment. I will also be starting a weekly tutorial that I hope will be a big help to the amateur studio goers. We are always welcoming new artist into the studio and would love to have your projects pumping threw our speakers next, so give us a call and lets us record your vocals, guitar,bass,keyboard,percussion. A list of equipment and software will follow. Thank You Again.

Sewing Room Studio
CEO: Lemar Guillary
Marketing: Wendell Leon Guillary Jr.
Studio Contact: 323-570-1556